We had a wonderful time with everyone who came to our Honey and Honeybees Chef’s Table event!

Guests enjoyed a special menu created by Chef Denise Appel with delicious local nectar, as well as honey infused spirits from our friends at Caledonia Spirits in Vermont.

The night also included a special discussion with local beekeeper Bill Hesbach. Bill talked about bees, local pollination and what role we play in keeping bees healthy.

Thanks to everyone who came out; it was a great night with fantastic tastes!





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October is National Pizza month, and Kitchen ZINC is celebrating our delicious pies by putting them in the boxing ring!

This month we’re going to pit our favorite pies against each other in Kitchen ZINC’s own “Pie Fights.” What do you think is better—Broccoli Rabe or Sausage? Fig + Speck or Andouille? Only you can decide the winners!

pie-fightWe’ll post a new matchup of your favorite Kitchen ZINC pizza pies each Tuesday-Saturday this month, and you’ll vote (only one time per day please) for which one is your favorite. Each Monday the winning pie will be announced online and available that night for 50% off. That’s something to cheer about!

Pie matchups and voting will happen right on Facebook. Look for posts featuring the current pie fight, and vote right in the comments. We’ll tally up the votes for each side on Saturdays and announce the winner for that weekend. May the best pies win!

See all of our Pie Fights right on our Facebook event page by clicking here. Mark yourself as “attending” so you’re notified when each new battle begins :)

How to play:
- Mark yourself “attending” on our Kitchen ZINC’s Pie Fights Page
- When you see a pie matchup posted, vote for your favorite by writing the name of your choice in the comments section.
- Check back each Monday to see the winner.
- Come in Monday night and order the winning pie for 50% off that night!

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We’re honored to learn that ZINC Restaurant has been named a finalist in the Nature Conservancy’s 2013 Nature’s Plate People’s Choice Awards! Nature’s Plate is an online contest designed to raise awareness of how our food choices can impact the planet. Thank you to everyone who voted us to the finals!

Nature's Plate AwardAs you know, ZINC Restaurant has been concentrated on the best farm-to-table food since it began. Local and sustainable practices have been a cornerstone of the ZINC name for over 14 years. Throughout each passing health fad, we’ve remained focused on the basic principle that fresh food raised by local farmers has superior quality than large processing suppliers. It’s part of everything we do and what sets ZINC apart from other great restaurants.

If you agree with our mission, you can help us win the Nature’s Plate People’s Choice Awards for Connecticut by voting at the link below. When you vote, you’ll also be entered for a chance to win a $100 gift card from the winning restaurant. Voting is from October 1—15, so help us out now and vote before its over!

Vote Here

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This year our Market Menu is absolutely delicious! See our special courses the week of July 10—13 here:

Kale Salad

Lacinato Kale + Green Beans with Honey-Sherry Vinaigrette/
Pickled Cucumber

Stone Gardens Farm, Shelton, CT
Massaro Community Farm, Woodbridge, CT
Swords Into Plowshares Honey, New Haven, CT



Cheese Filling + Cauliflower Pesto/ Zucchini + Bacon/ Grana Padano

Massaro Community Farm, Woodbridge, CT
Stone Gardens Farm, Shelton, CT
Liuzzi Cheese, North Haven, CT


*(9.00 supplement)

Kunik Triple Creme + Grafton Cheddar/ Local Honey/ Toasted Nut Bread

Nettle Meadow Farm, Thuman, NY
Grafton Village Cheese, Brattleboro, VT
Swords Into Plowshares Honey, New Haven, CT
Whole G. Bakery, New Haven, CT



Roasted with Vanilla + Lemon/ Blueberry Gelato/ Gaufrettes

Rose’s Berry Farm, South Glastonbury, CT
Swords Into Plowshares Honey, New Haven, CT

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When you think about sustainable practices in food, you might think of crops, cattle, water, fish and… wine? We thought you might have missed that. Normally alcoholic beverages don’t get a lot of attention for sustainability, but ZINC and Kitchen ZINC are changing that.

This year Kitchen ZINC has replaced the traditional wine by the glass system with an innovative wine keg system that delivers the highest quality taste with more sustainable distribution. What are the benefits? It saves on manufacturing processes for bottling, corking, labeling, boxing and shipping costs. Or think about it this way: one keg of wine is equivalent to 26 separate bottles. That one keg used for wine over its lifetime will eliminate the use of 3,000 bottles, closures/foils and labels, which is even more important considering that less than 30% of all glass gets recycled.

This new way of bringing wine to tables isn’t just good for the wineries—it helps everyone. One of Kitchen ZINC’s managers, Peter Koll said, “One of the greatest benefits of the wine by the tap system is that not only is the winery’s production more sustainable, it’s more sustainable for the restaurant as well as the consumer.” He continued by saying, “It is a higher quality product for almost 30% less the price.”

Kitchen ZINC is getting the wines from New York and Washington state. They are the first in Greater New Haven, and one of the very first throughout the state, to offer a “better” glass of wine. The sustainable practice works on a nitrogen gas-based tap system, which keeps the wine under inert gas. This stops it from being exposed to oxygen, which means that every glass is fresh right to the very end of each keg.

For more, watch this video of Peter Koll on all of the benefits of the new tap system. It’s yet another way ZINC is making food, and wine, sustainable.

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Congratulations to James Chordas, creator of the “What’s Eating Gorgonzola Grape” Pie! Great job to everyone who participated.

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We’ve had amazing entries in this year’s Kitchen ZINC “Make Your Own Pizza” Contest! Below are the five finalists’ entries, and they look delicious. Extra points for all the clever names. :)

Which pizza do you think you should win? It’s up to our voters to choose the final pie in-store. May the best creation win!


lovers pie_normal

The Lover’s Pie

One of our Pizza Contest Finalists: Anyong (which sounds like onion)! Olive you with all my artichoke heart! Classic, clean — a reliable pie, but not without its own whimsy.



What’s Eating Gorgonzola Grape

One of our Pizza Contest Finalists: Put down the potato chips and candy bar…a more elegant solution awaits. Every bite of this pizza is a perfect taste combination. The tangy sweetness of the grapes begs the bold saltiness of the gorgonzola to engage in a forbidden dance of taste bud nirvana. The herbs provide a savory balance to the delicate and creamy dark chocolate balsamic reduction. There are some pizza’s in your life that you try and say “that was good, I’m glad I did that…I shall move on with my life now.” Then there are the pizza’s that you CRAVE…This is one of those pizza’s. Somewhere in the future…Two days from now, two months from now, you will wake up one sunny morning but something will be a little off…something amiss. Then it will come to you like a sweet summertime salty shoreline breeze “Gorgonzola Grape” “Gorgonzola Grape” “Gorgonzola Grape” Enjoy!


Ahi Fresh Pizza

One of our Pizza Contest Finalists: Thinly Sliced Seared Pepper Tuna topped with cold crunchy asian slaw with a drizzled creme fraiche finished with chopped scallions.



Poppin’ Paleo Pizza

One of our Pizza Contest Finalists: The pizza that our Neanderthal ancestors and modern day homo sapiens can agree on. This pizza’s got it all: spice, sweet, savory, crisp, and luscious. And as Kate Moss’s cavewoman alter ego would say: nothing tastes as good as paleo feels.


B-a-a-a-a-a-d to the Bone

One of our Pizza Contest Finalists: This is a pie that our beloved Mascot can truly say he had a hand in making! (er, um, hoof in making?) The Biryani spices should give a unique flavor to the pizza while being contrasted and tamed by the sweet cheese and peppers.

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On Monday evening, September 24, Denise Appel, Chef and Co-Owner of ZINC + KZ participated in a tasting-fundraising event for Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro. She was invited to participate along with Chef Tim Cipriano, Ignacio Blanco from Ibiza Tapas in Hamden, Jason Sobocinski from Caseus, and Tre Scalini Restaurant at Bellini Restaurant in North Haven.

Chef Tim prepared a refreshing Seafood-Watermelon Ceviche, Ibiza Tapas, provided delicious, traditional tapas and a stellar paella, Jason offered a selection of delicious cheeses and Tre Scalini offered Eggplant Rollatini and Pana Cotta.

Bellini Restaurant prepared an array of traditional Italian dishes at a buffet.

Denise made one of her special fall soups, Spiced Local Kabocha Squash with Crab + Cucumber Salad and Toasted Pepitas. Delicious, perfect for a cool fall evening in Connecticut.

Rosa spoke passionately about the election and getting people out to vote, about creating awareness of the issues and getting the word out about public policies that affect so many. Her stamina and years of public service are a real inspiration.

It was an honor to be invited and to participate.

We know that it’s been a hot summer already. We can’t think of a better way to kick it off than with reintroducing the ZINC Market Menu! All winter long we’ve been counting down the days to start visiting the farmers’ markets. While all of our menus always focus on local ingredients, our Market Menu just takes it to the next level. We love seeing what is fresh each week and then get creative each week. Plus we are also including original cocktails as an option for each week’s menu too.

See the Market Menu here.

We’re firm believers that there’s nothing better than fresh food from the market, and we’re excited to present you with this years first Market Menu! We’ve been trying all sorts of new ideas in the kitchen. Come and taste for yourself. We’ll be offering a new weekly Market Menu every Wednesday through Sunday all summer long and into the fall.

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New Recipes Format!

We’ve updated our recipes!

Check out our recipes tab and you’ll see now a drop-down of different course-types and styles to fit whatever you need! We’ve sorted our appetizers, entrees, desserts, drinks and more. Have a question about a recipe? Ask in the comments section. Try mixing and matching from different sections to create delicious ZINC meals! There’s no telling what you’ll find when you look through!

See Our New Recipes Format

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